Linux Server Login Information

How to Access the Server

The ASPCS server is running Ubuntu Linux. It is necessary to have an ssh client to connect. If you don’t have one already, one can be obtained from This client is for Windows. If you are running Linux, chances are you already have ssh installed. If not, your local computer support can help you with installing an ssh client.

Once you have an ssh client, you are now able to connect to the server. The address of the server is

How to Compile a Volume

Once your files are uploaded to the Editor's working directory, you may compile the volume using LaTeX. There may be small differences between what you saw on your home computer and what results on the ASPCS server, but it should compile without errors or major problems.

When are ready to create a PDF of your volume, please use the following command to create a PDF suitable for the printer: ASPmkpdf. The argument for this command is the .dvi file of the volume. For example, ASPmkpdf aspvolume.dvi. The resulting PDF will have the same name as the .dvi file except with the .dvi replaced with .pdf. You may download the .pdf file to your local machine using sftp.

How to add Cropmarks

Adding crop marks (margin boundaries) can help you identify problems that will prevent the volume from being printed. Margin problems are usually addressed by making adjustments in the LaTeX source file. You should submit your manuscript with the marginguide command uncommented so that the margin guides are shown.

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