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Paper: Self-consistent MHD Modeling of Solar Wind
Volume: 369, New Solar Physics with Solar-B Mission
Page: 557
Authors: Suzuki, T.K.
Abstract: We study solar winds driven by low-frequency Alfvén waves from the photosphere in coronal holes by using time-dependent numerical simulations. As shown in Suzuki & Inutsuka (2005; 2006) Alfvén waves effectively dissipate through compressive-wave generation and wave reflection to heat up and accelerate the solar wind plasma. We also investigate photosphere-corona/solar wind connections which can be directly compared with future observations by Solar-B. By simulations in various coronal holes we analyse how physical properties of the corona and solar wind depend on Alfvén wave parameters at the photosphere. We discuss some characteristic relations inferred from the nonlinear dissipation of the low-frequency Alfvén waves in the light of Solar-B observations.
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