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Paper: Models of far-IR sources at W3-IRS4 and W3-IRS5
Volume: 73, Airborne Astronomy Symposium on the Galactic Ecosystem: From Gas to Stars to Dust
Page: 259
Authors: Campbell, M. F.; Campbell, M. B.; Butner, H. M.; Lester, Dan F.; Harvey, Paul M.; Evans, N. J., II
Abstract: Far-IR continuum maps made with the KAO of W3 at 47 and 95 micrometers show peaks identified with the mid-IR sources IRS4 and IRS5 and extended emission identified with the radio source W3A. We have taken the steepest radial scan profiles from the peaks at IRS4 and IRS5 to represent the objects as spherical clouds. Spherically symmetric models were created in an attempt to match the observed profiles. Radiative transfer dust cloud models heated by central protostars or stars do not match extended emission in the 47 micrometers scan profile for any assumed density distribution for either source. However, both sources can be approximately fit by power law density profiles and ad hoc temperature profiles which are much less steep than those by the single source radiative transfer models. One possible physical explanation for the shallow temperature gradients suggested by the data is heating by a distribution of luminosity sources.
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