Website FAQs

  • Why e-books?

    We are pleased to offer the ASP Conference Series in an e-book format to accommodate the needs of users who are increasingly used to receiving research reports in this form. Our e-books are posted up to two months prior to the book being released in print. E-books are helpful for institutions because multiple users can access various papers in the same book, from multiple on-site locations, all at the same time.

  • How do I get access to the electronic version of the book?

    To access ASP Conference Series articles, you must have an account or subscription. Accounts are generated internally if you purchase a hard copy volume through a conference or from the ASP. If you purchased in this manner but cannot access the e-book, please e-mail with the following to receive access through a username and password: your name, e-mail address, the volume #, and date and method of purchase. If you purchase e-access through this site, access will be set up following verification of payment. You will be notified by email when access has been granted.

    Access without a password (through IP authentication) is provided for users at institutions with subscriptions to the ASP Conference Series. If you are a subscribing institution, e-access is granted upon receipt of payment. Please contact with questions about subscriptions, billing or payment. If your institution orders through a third-party reseller, please have the reseller send complete information regarding your purchase to to arrange e-access.

    If you would like to purchase a printed volume, including electronic access, please purchase through the AstroShop. If you have forgotten your password, you may request that it be sent to you by e-mail.

  • How can I purchase a book?

    If you would like to purchase a volume, including electronic access, please purchase through the AstroShop.

  • Can I purchase electronic access only?

    E-access purchases through this site are for individual use only.

Individuals: you can now purchase e-access only to a single article or an entire e-book. Please navigate to the volume or the article on this site and click "Add to Cart." Checkout through PayPal using a PayPal account or credit card. Access is provided upon verification of payment. Purchases through this site are for electronic access only. Printed books with e-access must be purchased through the AstroShop.

Instiutions: you may purchase either an electronic-only or print + electronic subscription. E-access only to individual volumes is not available for institutions. However, for individual volume purchases, institutions may purchase printed books—including e-access by username and password—through the AstroShop or they may purchase individual printed books with IP-authenticated access to those books for a slightly higher price by contacting Customer Service (see contact information in next answer).

  • We have a subscription, so why are we asked to purchase?

    With the addition of immediate e-access purchasing on our site, various pages now have "Add to Cart" buttons and purchasing information for individuals who wish to purchase electronic access. Even patrons accessing from a subscribing institution may wish to purchase electronic access to a book or article for access anytime and anywhere.

    When accessing from an IP address at a subscribing institution, you do not need to purchase anything. Simply click the links to the papers within the volume and the click the View Article or Download Article buttons for access to the full text. We are working to display pages for institutional subscribers which don’t include these additional purchasing buttons. We appreciate your patience.

  • How do we sign up for a subscription—and why should we?

    Aside from the benefit of owning the entire series of books, there are other benefits of a subscription: (1) internet access through IP authentication, which allows for access without a password from various computers within the library or institution; (2) receipt of new volumes as soon as they are available; and (3) electronic access to all ASPCS volumes—from Volume 1 to the most recent volumes—during the term of your subscription.

    To sign up for a subscription, please contact our San Francisco office:
    Tel: (415) 337-1100 X 114
    Fax: (415) 337-5205
For more information or to subscribe online: