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Paper: Radial Pulsation among Delta SCT Stars
Volume: 83, Astrophysical Applications of Stellar Pulsation, IAU Colloquium 155
Page: 329
Authors: Rodríguez, E.; Rolland, A.; López de Coca, P.; Martín, S.
Abstract: It has been pointed out by earlier authors that radial pulsation seems to be the only one type present in high amplitude delta Sct stars, at least for monoperiodic stars. In order to confirm or not this point, we have collected all the multicolour data available for these stars in the Strömgren and Johnson photometric systems. Then, the type of pulsation has been analysed on the basis of the phase shifts and amplitude ratios between observed light and colour variations. The results indicate that all the stars analysed are radial pulsators.
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