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Paper: Mars: Its Place in Solar System Exploration
Volume: 272, The Future of Solar System Exploration, 2003-2013: Community Contributions to the NRC Solar System Exploration Decadal Survey
Page: 155
Authors: Moore, J.M.; Leshin, L.A.; Bogard, D.D.; Shearer, C.K.; Barlow, N.G.; Haldemann, A.F.C.; Wilson, R.J.; Weiss, B.P.; Treiman, A.H.; Clark, R.N.; Clifford, S.M.
Abstract: We concur with the NRC Committee on Planetary Exploration that sample return should be the primary goal of the Mars Exploration Program (MEP) and that several missions should be flown. However, we have become convinced that to execute sample return, there needs to be significant investment in technology development either implicitly (e.g., Smart Lander) or explicitly as a line item in the MEP budget. We also strongly recomment that Scout missions should be given their own "sheltered" funding line. A minority of us note that it would be very desirable to place a Synthetic Aperture (Imaging) Radar in orbit about Mars.
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