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Paper: Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies: Latest Density Profile Results
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 18
Authors: Simon, J.D.; Bolatto, A.D.; Leroy, A.; Blitz, L.
Abstract: We present high-resolution two-dimensional velocity fields in Hα and CO of the nearby dwarf galaxy NGC 2976. Our observations were made at both higher spatial resolution (∼75 pc) and higher velocity resolution (13 km s−1 in Hα and 2 km s−1 in CO) than most previous studies. We show that NGC 2976 has a very shallow dark matter density profile, with ρ(r) lying between ρr−0:3 and ρr0. We carefully test the effects of systematic uncertainties on our results, and demonstrate that well-resolved, two-dimensional velocity data can eliminate many of the systematic problems that beset long-slit observations. We also present a preliminary analysis of the velocity field of NGC 5963, which appears to have a nearly NFW density profile.
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