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Paper: Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies: The First Dark Galaxy?
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 32
Authors: Simon, J.D.; Robishaw, T.; Blitz, L.
Abstract: We present new H I observations of the high-velocity cloud (HVC) that we resolved near the Local Group dwarf galaxy LGS 3. The cloud is rotating, with an implied mass that makes it dark matter-dominated no matter what its distance from the Milky Way is. Our new, high-sensitivity Arecibo observations demonstrate that the faint H i features that we previously described as tidal tails are indeed real and do connect to the main body of the HVC. Thus, these observations are consistent with our original hypothesis of a tidal interaction between the HVC and LGS 3. We suggest that the HVC may be one of the missing dark matter satellites in the Local Group that are seen in cold dark matter numerical simulations but have not yet been identified observationally.
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