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Paper: Indirect Searches for SUSY Dark Matter with the MAGIC Cherenkov Telescope
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 47
Authors: Flix, J.; Martinez, M.; Prada, F.; MAGIC Collaboration, for the
Abstract: Neutralinos are the natural well-motivated candidates to provide the non-baryonic dark matter of the Universe that may produce detectable signals through their annihilation into neutrinos, photons, or positrons. Because of its high flux sensitivity and low energy threshold, the MAGIC Cherenkov Telescope could potentially detect neutralino annihilation high energy photon products. In the framework of minimal supergravity, the neutralino SUSY parameter space can be scanned in different benchmark scenarios defined after accelerator and cosmology constraints. Moreover, the neutralino density profiles in galaxy halos and subhalos have to be understood to infer which is the optimal observation region to be explored by the MAGIC Telescope for the detection of neutralino photon signatures within our Galaxy and the Local Group.
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