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Paper: Milky Way Halo Substructure from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 113
Authors: Newberg, H.J.; Yanny, B.; Grebel, E.K.; Martinez-Delgado, D.; Odenkirchen, M.; Rix, H.-W.; Sloan Digital Sky Survey, for the
Abstract: We present new data showing an overdensity of A-type stars at an inferred distance of 83 kpc from the Sun. The newly identified tidal debris is centered within 10 kpc of the same plane as is populated by other confirmed tidal debris from the disruption of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, and could be associated with the trailing tidal arm. The globular cluster NGC 2419 is located within the extent of the tidal debris and could have originated in the Sagittarius dwarf. We put forth a simple model which is useful for interpreting and constraining tidal debris.
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