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Paper: Galaxies and Overmerging: What Does It Take to Destroy a Satellite Galaxy?
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 155
Authors: Kazantzidis, S.; Moore, B.; Mayer, L.
Abstract: The ultra-compact dwarf galaxies recently discovered in the Fornax and Virgo Clusters exhibit structural similarity to the dense nuclei of nucleated dwarf ellipticals, indicating that the progenitor galaxy and its halo have been entirely tidally disrupted. Using high resolution N-body simulations with up to N = 107 particles we investigate the evolution and tidal stripping of substructure halos orbiting within a host potential. We find that complete disruption of satellite halos modeled following the Navarro, Frenk, & White density profile occurs only for very low values of concentration, in disagreement with the theoretical predictions of cold dark matter models. This discrepancy is further exacerbated when we include the effect of baryons since disk formation increases the central density.
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