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Paper: The Effect of Isolated Halos in Lensing Searches for Substructure
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 197
Authors: Chen, J.; Kravtsov, A.V.; Keeton, C.R.
Abstract: Anomalous flux ratios in multiply imaged quasar lenses can be used to constrain the substructure mass fraction in galaxy-sized dark matter halos. The flux ratios, however, can be affected by both the substructure in the lens halo and by isolated low mass halos along the entire line of sight to the source. Here we estimate the potential contribution of isolated clumps to the substructure lensing signal using a simple model. We find that the contribution of isolated clumps to the total lensing optical depth ranges from a few to tens of percent and should not be neglected in detailed analyses of substructure lensing.
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