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Paper: Globular Clusters in the Sgr Stream and Other Structures
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 220
Authors: Bellazzini, M.; Ibata, R.; Ferraro, F.R.
Abstract: The possible association of Galactic globular clusters with the Sgr Stream is briefly reviewed in the light of the most recent observations of the Stream. Of the Galactic globular clusters with RGC ≥ 10 kpc, ≥ 20% are found to lie within or very near to the Sgr Stream as traced over the whole sky by the M giants from the 2MASS catalogue, in agreement with the results by Bellazzini, Ferraro, & Ibata (2003a). Another possible association of outer halo globulars (NGC 1904, NGC 1851, NGC 2808, and NGC 2298) is also noted and briefly discussed.
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