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Paper: Coupling between Satellite Dwarfs and the Milky Way Warp
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 225
Authors: Bailin, J.; Steinmetz, M.
Abstract: The perturbations of satellite galaxies, in particular the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), have been repeatedly proposed and discounted as the cause of the Milky Way warp. While the LMC may excite a wake in the Galactic dark matter halo that could provide sufficient torque to excite a warp of the observed magnitude, its orbit may be incompatible with the orientation of the warp's line of nodes. The Sgr dSph galaxy has an appropriately oriented orbit and, due to its closer orbit, may produce a stronger tidal effect than the LMC. Evidence that Sgr may be responsible for the warp comes from its orbital angular momentum, which has the same magnitude as the angular momentum of the warped component of the Galactic disk and is anti-aligned with it. We have run high resolution numerical N-body simulations of Sgr-sized satellites around a Milky Way-sized disk to test this idea. Preliminary results suggest that Sgr-sized satellites can indeed excite warps with properties similar to that observed for the Milky Way .
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