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Paper: Star Formation in Satellite Galaxies
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 272
Authors: Funes, J.G., SJ; Gutierrez, C.M.; Prada, F.; Azzaro, M.; Ribeiro, M.B.
Abstract: The study of satellite galaxies can provide information on the merging and aggregation processes which, according to the hierarchical clustering models, form the larger spiral galaxies we observe. With the aim of testing hierarchical models of galaxy formation, we have conducted an observational program which comprises Hα imaging for both the parent and the satellite galaxies, taken from the compilation by Zaritsky et al. (1997), which contains 115 galaxies orbiting 69 primary isolated spiral galaxies. We have observed a subsample of 37 spiral and irregular galaxies taken from the compilation mentioned above. The aim of this study is to determine star formation properties of the sample galaxies. In this article we present the preliminary results of this program that we have carried out with the 1.8 m Vatican Telescope (VATT).
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