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Paper: XMM-Newton Search for Hot Gas in the Dwarf Galaxy IC 2574
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 315
Authors: Kappes, M.; Kerp, J.; Walter, F.
Abstract: We present an XMM—Newton observation of the nearby dwarf galaxy IC 2574. This galaxy is part of our ensemble observed within a multifrequency campaign to study the physical conditions of the interstellar medium in dwarf galaxies in general.

We focus here on the diffuse soft (0.2-0.5 keV) X-ray emission associated with IC 2574. Since this emission is expected to be quite faint we have to reach the true X-ray background intensity level. For this aim, we have to account for unrelated diffuse X-ray emission and for the vignetting of the X-ray mirrors on board the XMM—Newton satellite.

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