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Paper: Local Substructure and the Reliability of Data from the Canarian Observatories
Volume: 327, Satellites and Tidal Streams
Page: 339
Authors: Majewski, S.R.; Prada, F.; Klypin, A.; White, S.
Abstract: It is widely recognized that among the most difficult problems of modern observational and theoretical astronomy are accurate measurements and sensible interpretation of such properties of local physical structure as excessive substructure and steep radial slopes. In this paper we point to another, related issue. A crisis is emerging in the interpretation of local substructure as represented in data from the La Palma observatories. It appears that much of the data in question are more anecdotal in nature than previously suspected. We attempt to improve the observational picture with new measurements and offer explanations for the wide divergence in previous results, accounting for possible inclination, environmental, and timing effects.
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