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Paper: The Study of Comets
Volume: 272, The Future of Solar System Exploration, 2003-2013: Community Contributions to the NRC Solar System Exploration Decadal Survey
Page: 323
Authors: Combi, M.R.; Capria, M.T.; Cremonese, G.; De Sanctis, M.C.; Farnham, T.L.; Fernandez, Y.R.; Festou, M.C.; Fink, U.; Green, J.R.; Harris, W.M.; Hergenrother, C.W.; Lamy, P.L.; Larson, S.M.; Levison, H.F.; Lien, D.J.; Lisse, C.M.; Meisel, D.D.; Mohlmann, D.T.F.; Mueller, B.E.A.; Samarasinha, N.H.; Sitko, M.L.; Weaver, H.A.; Weissman, P.R.
Abstract: The study of comets is critical to our understanding the origin, structure and evolution of the solar system in general and of life itself. We present here a brief summary of our current understanding of comets and their important place in the solar system, as well as our recommendations regarding priorities for their study over the next decade in the context of a coordinated program of spacecraft missions and ground-based and theoretical investigations.
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