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Paper: The Star Cluster Population of M51
Volume: 322, The Formation and Evolution of Massive Young Star Clusters
Page: 479
Authors: Gieles, M.; Bastian, N.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.
Abstract: We present the age and mass distribution of star clusters in M51. The structural parameters are found by fitting cluster evolution models to the spectral energy distribution consisting of 8 HST-WFPC2 pass bands. There is evidence for a burst of cluster formation at the moment of the second encounter with the companion NGC5195 (50-100 Myr ago) and a hint for an earlier burst (400-500 Myr ago). The cluster IMF has a power law slope of −2.1. The disruption time of clusters is extremely short (< 100 Myr for a 104MSolar cluster).
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