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Paper: Sunspots Seen at High Spatial Resolution
Volume: 118, First Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference: Advances in the Physics of Sunspots
Page: 155
Authors: Sobotka, M.
Abstract: Sunspots, if observed at high spatial resolution, display a complicated pattern of fine structures, both in the penumbra (bright and dark filaments, penumbral grains, dark cloud-like features) and in the umbra (umbral dots, light bridges, dark nuclei, embedded in a diffuse background). This review describes recent results of observations of those fine-structure elements at the photospheric level. We discuss the morphology, magnetic field, proper motions, and Doppler velocities in sunspot penumbrae. We present the morphological classification of light bridges and summarize the data about their evolution and relations to other fine-structure elements, about the magnetic field, and the results of an analysis of the internal structure of strong granular light bridges. We review the present knowledge about the general photometric characteristics and structure of sunspot umbrae, dark nuclei, and umbral dots (brightness, size, lifetimes, spatial distribution, proper motions, Doppler velocities, and magnetic field). We also present original results, based on an exceptional 4.5 hour time-series of high-resolution images. Finally, we discuss some interesting similarities and relations between the fine-structure elements in different magnetic regions (umbrae, penumbrae, pores and light bridges).
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