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Paper: An HST Imaging Search for Circumstellar Matter in Young Nebulous Clusters
Volume: 119, Planets Beyond the Solar System and the Next Generation of Space Missions
Page: 131
Authors: Stapelfeldt, K.; Sahai, R.; Werner, M.; Trauger, J.
Abstract: HST imaging studies of the M42 and M16 HII regions have revealed circumstellar emission and absorption regions with sizes comparable to those expected for protoplanetary disks. In order to determine the uniqueness of these results, and to search for additional objects geometrically suggestive of disks, we observed four other young nebulous clusters with HST/WFPC2 during Cycle 5. Eight fields were observed in Hα and I-band continuum in the nearby HII regions NGC2024, NGC2264, and S155. Two fields were observed in V band in the reflection nebula NGC7023. In all these fields, no dark silhouettes and only a handful of circumstellar ionized rims were found. These results suggest that the visibility of "proplyds" in the Orion Nebula is due to circumstances unique to the evolutionary state of the Trapezium cluster.
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