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Paper: Long-Term Behaviour of the Scintillation Velocity of PSR J1141-6545
Volume: 328, Binary Radio Pulsars
Page: 345
Authors: Ord, S.M.; Bailes, M.
Abstract: We have obtained measurements of the scintillation parameters of the relativistic binary PSR J1141−6545 over a period of two years. The long-term aims of this experiment are: a measurement of the advance of periastron, a detection of the motion of the Earth, and an estimation of the binary orientation in the plane of the sky. We present data from several epochs throughout this two-year period and conclude that either intrinsic variations in the scintillation parameters as a function of orbital phase, or a systematic bias in the experimental method are responsible for any detected variations in the scintillation parameters. The level of this experimental error is comparable to the expected signature of the Earth's motion. The fitted velocities are consistent, in that they all present a velocity perpendicular to the orbital plane greatly in excess of that within the orbital plane. The locus of all the epochs presented here give an absolute perpendicular velocity of 131 ± 14 km s−1 and an absolute parallel velocity of 7 ± 10 km s−1.
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