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Paper: X-Ray Observations of SS 433 with ASCA
Volume: 121, Accretion Phenomena and Related Outflows, IAU Colloquium 163
Page: 370
Authors: Kotani, T.; Kawai, N.; Matsuoka, M.; Brinkmann, W.
Abstract: SS 433 has been observed with ASCA for three years since the launch in 1993. The excellent energy resolution of ASCA revealed the Doppler-shifted emission lines from the both jets, though it had been generally accepted that the X-ray emitting region of the receding jet is hidden behind the accretion disk. Thus the estimation on the properties of the X-ray jet, such as length, temperature, and mass outflow rate, should be revised in accordance with the ASCA data. Modeling the jet as a radiating ballistic plasma, we determined these quantities. It is also tried to determine the mass of the system from a data covering an eclipse.
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