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Paper: Magnetically-Driven Winds from Protostellar Disks
Volume: 121, Accretion Phenomena and Related Outflows, IAU Colloquium 163
Page: 561
Authors: Wardle, M.
Abstract: Angular momentum transport in protostellar disks can be achieved by the action of a large scale magnetic field that runs vertically through the disk. The magnetic field centrifugally drives material from the disk surfaces into a wind, initiating a bipolar outflow. One apparent difficulty for this model is that the conductivity of the disk is extremely low in the inner 0.1--10 AU of the disk, where grains are the dominant charge carriers. Near the midplane, charged grain s are unable to drift through the neutral gas and there is negligible coupling between the magnetic field and the disk material. However, the removal of angular momentum and acceleration of a wind by a magnetic field can still take place in the surface layers of the disk where the gas conductivity increases dramatically. Solutions to the multifluid MHD equations for the vertical structure of a disk at a particular radius are presented. Most of the disk material sits in hydrostatic equilibrium and does not interact with the magnetic field running vertically through it. Near the disk surfaces, the coupling between the magnetic field and disk material is sufficient to initiate an outflow from the disk surface.
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