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Paper: SWS spectrum of the reflection nebula NGC7023
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 47
Authors: Moutou, C.; Sellgren, K.; Leger, A.; Verstraete, L.; Rouan, D.; Giard, M.; Werner, M.
Abstract: NGC7023 is one of the brightest reflection nebulae of the sky. We show here its SWS spectrum obtained recently by the ISO satellite (2.4 to 45 microns). Being of high quality, it can be considered as the template of UIR (Unidentified InfraRed) bands in reflection nebulae surrounding B stars. The general characteristics of the spectrum (observed bands, continuum) are discussed, as well as two particular aspects: the comparison of laboratory data on low-frequency modes of aromatic molecules (PAHs) with the 16.4 microns band detected for the first time in this object, and the search for C60^+ emission bands at 7.11 and 7.51 microns.
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