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Paper: ISOPHOT Observations of Pre-stellar Cores
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 195
Authors: Ward-Thompson, D.; Andre, Ph.; Motte, F.
Abstract: Preliminary results are outlined of an ISOPHOT study of pre-stellar cores. The pre-stellar phase is one in which a dense core in a molecular cloud is gravitationally bound, but contains no embedded luminosity source. This takes place prior to the protostellar Class 0 phase. For the first time these cores, which were not detected by IRAS, have been detected in the infra-red at 200 and 160 microns, but typically not at 90 microns. The similarity in apparent morphology between the 200 & 160 microns maps and the mm/submm maps is immediately obvious, showing that we are detecting the same dust in the far-infrared as in the submm. The lack of detections at 90 microns shows that there is no significant quantity of warm dust in these cores, confirming their lack of a protostellar heating source. Consequently, a single temperature modified black-body can fit the data, which allows the previous submillimetre measurements to be converted into more accurate mass estimates. Likewise, the source luminosities can be measured, where previously we could only estimate upper limits.
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