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Paper: SWS observations of HI lines from the ionized winds of Herbig AeBe stars
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 314
Authors: Benedettini, M.; Nisini, B.; Giannini, T.; Saraceno, P.; Lorenzetti, D.; Smith, H. A.
Abstract: SWS grating spectra are obtained towards the two Herbig AeBe stars MWC1080 and CoD -42^{\circ} 11721, showing hydrogen recombination lines of the Brackett, Pfund and Humphreys series. The observed line decrements in each spectral series are consistent with emission from ionized winds, as expected from these early-type stars. We compare the observed line emission with a wind model assuming a constant rate of mass flow from the star, this allows to consistently derive mass loss rate and distance of both stars. We also show that the observed decrements are consistent with a ionization bounded compact region, whose size is only few tens of the stellar radius.
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