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Paper: H_2 fluorescence from molecular outflows
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 342
Authors: Fernandes, Amadeu J. L.; Brand, Peter W. J. L.
Abstract: Shock wave modeling requires a great number of hh lines to be observed so that we can infer critical shock parameters like the shock velocity, orientation (for bows), pre-shock pressure (for J-shocks), magnetic fields (for C-shocks) from the observed hh population densities. Recent studies of some of these objects have shown that shocks alone cannot be responsible for the whole hh emission. We illustrate this point by showing that in HH 7 and DR 21 the hh emission can be simply explained by a combined model consisting of a bow C-shock transition layer plus a PDR component that can excite the higher hh energy levels and thus produce fluorescence hh emission.
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