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Paper: The structure of young star clusters: Chamaeleon I
Volume: 132, Star Formation with the Infrared Space Observatory (ISO)
Page: 434
Authors: Kitsionas, S.; Gladwin, P. P.; Whitworth, A. P.
Abstract: We have developed two new algorithms for mapping the surface-density of stars in a cluster, and these algorithms are here applied to the Chamaeleon I star cluster. We have also calculated the mean surface-density of companions Sigma as a function of angular separation theta in Chamaeleon I. Our results are fit by Sigma(theta) ~theta^{-2.1} for theta < 11'' (the binary regime), and Sigma ~theta^{-0.73} for theta > 11'' (the clustering regime) -- in good agreement with the results obtained by Larson and Simon for Taurus, rho Ophiuchus and Orion-Trapezium.
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