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Paper: Far-Infrared Abundance Measurements in the Outer Galaxy
Volume: 147, Abundance Profiles: Diagnostic Tools for Galaxy History
Page: 93
Authors: Fich, Michel; Rudolph, Alexander; Simpson, Janet P.; Haas, Michael R.; Erickson, Edwin F.
Abstract: Six H ii regions at intermediate distances from the center of the Galaxy (R = 11-13 kpc) have been observed in the far-IR emission lines of O iii (52 micron, 88 micron) N iii (57 micron), and S iii (19 micron) using the Kuiper Airborne Observatory. A simple ionization correction scheme has been used to determine the total abundances of nitrogen and sulfur relative to hydrogen, as well as the relative abundance N/O. Our results are consistent with previously determined values for H ii regions at larger distances (Rudolph et al. 1997) and at smaller distances (Simpson et al. 1995).
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