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Paper: Evolution of Complex Filaments
Volume: 150, New Perspectives on Solar Prominences, IAU Colloquium 167
Page: 221
Authors: Dumitrache, C.
Abstract: During its life a filament can joint with other ones and later to separate from them, each one following its peculiar evolution. In his work d'Azambuja revealed this kind of phenomenon and called it complex filaments, ''des filaments complexes'' in French. From observationally point of view it is very difficult to study it. By applying a cluster analysis method we can detect, on the computer, the coupling and splitting of filaments and to reveal the aspects linked to the photospherical and atmospherical activity. We focus this aspects less studied of the solar filaments activity. We think the evolution of a complex filament could be an example of magnetic reconnection and we may learn new aspects about the prominences magnetic field too.
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