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Paper: Keynote Address: In Today's E-information Marketplace: AM I a Swan or Ungainly Duckling? (Greeting Change Gracefully)
Volume: 153, Library and Information Services in Astronomy III (LISA III)
Page: 7
Authors: Okerson, Ann
Abstract: The various electronic media transform the way in which authors create their works and readers read and use them in their study, research and publication. Those profound changes are mirrored by immense changes in the back rooms of librarians and information specialists who now deal with a radically different environment for decision-making and access choices. This opening talk will review characteristics of the ``new'' marketplace, including: * The immense growth of electronic resources of all sorts * The shift from national copyright law to individually negotiated institutional license as the regime that governs use of electronic resources * The move of publishers to sell information in ``aggregated'' bundles, even though customers may not ask for this * The development of aggressive groups of libraries buying together as consortia and changing the marketplace Most of the talk will be given to reviewing and expanding on the above points. Floating gracefully requires being well informed, developing new skills as collaborators and negotiators, and maintaining an open, flexible approach to the way in which library work is managed.
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