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Paper: Comparison of Two ``Document Similarity Search Engines''
Volume: 153, Library and Information Services in Astronomy III (LISA III)
Page: 85
Authors: Poinçot, Phillipe; Lesteven, Soizick; Murtagh, Fionn
Abstract: We have developed and used the ``CDS document map'' based on neural networks (Kohonen maps) In this self-organizing map, documents are gradually clustered by subject themes. The tool is based on keywords associated with the documents. For one selected document, we locate it on the CDS document map and retrieve articles clustered in the same area. The second search engine, used by the ADS (NASA Astrophysics Data System, has the capability to find all similar abstracts in the ADS database, with ``keyword request''. We have compared the results of the document similarity search engines, using the same set of documents. One example will be described and results will be discussed.
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