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Paper: Metadata: Standards for Retrieving WWW Documents (and Other Digitized and Non-Digitized Resources)
Volume: 153, Library and Information Services in Astronomy III (LISA III)
Page: 157
Authors: Rusch-Feja, Diann
Abstract: The use of metadata for indexing digitized and non-digitized resources for resource discovery in a networked environment is being increasingly implemented all over the world. Greater precision is achieved using metadata than relying on universal search engines and furthermore, meta-data can be used as filtering mechanisms for search results. An overview of various metadata sets is given, followed by a more focussed presentation of Dublin Core Metadata including examples of sub-elements and qualifiers. Especially the use of the Dublin Core Relation element provides connections between the metadata of various related electronic resources, as well as the metadata for physical, non-digitized resources. This facilitates more comprehensive search results without losing precision and brings together different genres of information which would otherwise be only searchable in separate databases. Furthermore, the advantages of Dublin Core Metadata in comparison with library cataloging and the use of universal search engines are discussed briefly, followed by a listing of types of implementation of Dublin Core Metadata.
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