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Paper: ``If it's not on the Web, it doesn't exist at all'': Electronic Information Resources -- Myth and Reality
Volume: 153, Library and Information Services in Astronomy III (LISA III)
Page: 195
Authors: Stevens-Rayburn, Sarah; Bouton, Ellen N.
Abstract: In this paper, we review the current status of astronomical research via electronic means, with an eye towards separating the hype from the hypothetical in hopes of revealing the actual state of affairs. We will review both anecdotal and scholarly work aimed at documenting the state of research using the World Wide Web and demonstrate that although there is enormous potential in electronic research, much of that potential is as yet unrealized. In addition, especially in astronomy, a significant amount of material is not (yet) available electronically and likely will never be. Finally, we will point out the potential danger of a looming paradigm shift in the way astronomers conduct research and the possible consequences thereof. \end{abstract}
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