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Paper: ROSAT-discovered high-field magnetic CVs
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 187
Authors: Reinsch, Klaus; Burwitz, Vadim; Beuermann, Klaus; Thomas, Hans-Christoph
Abstract: The ROSAT All-Sky Survey and our subsequent optical identification of new bright soft X-ray sources has significantly increased the number of known polars. One of the important results regarding the class properties of these objects is the discovery of several systems with magnetic field strengths far in excess of the 11-53 MG range of the pre-ROSAT polars. We summarize the optical and X-ray observations of ROSAT discovered polars in the 60-100 MG range and report the discovery of a new polar, RX J1007.5-2016, with a magnetic field strength of ~92 MG in the accretion region. The implications of the physical properties of the high-field polars are discussed in the contexts of the evolution of magnetic CVs, of the intrinsic distribution of field strengths in CVs and in single white dwarfs, and of the possible decay of the field strength in the accretion region.
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