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Paper: Magnetic Accretion in T Tauri Stars
Volume: 157, Annapolis Workshop on Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables
Page: 367
Authors: Hessman, Frederic V.
Abstract: During the past few years, the direct and circumstantial evidence that many classical T Tauri stars (TTS) accrete matter from a circumstellar disk via a magnetosphere has grown dramatically. This has become the standard model which is capable of explaining the widest range of observed accretion-related phenomena in these stars. Thus, many - if not all - TTS are the pre-main sequence analogues of the intermediate polars and one expects to find many common physical processes in the two classes of objects. Unfortunately, in practice, the very different stellar properties of pre-main sequence and white dwarf stars continue to make it difficult to learn more about common magnetohydrodynamical processes. I review the latest work on magnetospheric disk accretion in the context of TTS with an eye for both similarities to and differences from accretion in intermediate polars.
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