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Paper: Host Galaxies of Flat Radio Spectrum Sources
Volume: 159, BL Lac Phenomenon
Page: 377
Authors: Anton, Sonia; Browne, I.
Abstract: We discuss the host galaxy morphologies of an optically-bright flat spectrum radio source sample. Though from their radio properties the sources are essentially identical, all having structures dominated by flat-spectrum compact radio-cores, optically they are divers e. In fact from the optical polarimetric and spectroscopic data the sources fall into 4 broad categories: BL Lacs and BL Lacs candidates, weak emission line galaxies, sources with Seyfert-like spectra, and hybrid-type objects, ie, with weaker emission lines that the Sy-type objects but nonetheless broad. We compare the host galaxy morphology of BL Lac objects with those galaxies hosting Seyfert-like activity, and with those galaxies which appear to have no optically active nucleus.
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