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Paper: Short and Long Period Variable Stars in the Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
Volume: 310, Variable Stars in the Local Group (IAU Colloquium 193)
Page: 133
Authors: Monelli, M.; Walker, A.R.; Bono, G.; Buonanno, R.; Caputo, F.; Castellani, M.; Castellani, V.; Corsi, C.E.; Dall'Ora, M.; Pulone, L.; Marconi, M.; Ripepi, V.; Nonino, M.; Smith, H.A.; Stetson, P.B.
Abstract: We present first results concerning the detection of variable stars in the Carina dwarf Spheroidal from B, V images collected with the 4-m CTIO telescope. We show a sample of candidate variables spanning from the tip of the Red Giant Branch down to the Main Sequence turn off. Finally, we discuss the future photometric and spectroscopic developments of this project.
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