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Paper: Testing the Cepheid P-L relation using Optical and K-band Imaging
Volume: 167, Harmonizing Cosmic Distance Scales in a Post-Hipparcos Era
Page: 198
Authors: Hoyle, Fiona; Shanks, Tom; Tanvir, Nial
Abstract: We present here preliminary results on main sequence fitting to seven Galactic open clusters containing at least one Cepheid. The reddening towards these clusters is estimated from U-B:B-V colour-colour diagrams and the distance is estimated using main sequence fitting of the V:V-K colour-magnitude diagram. We find difficulties in fitting the U-B:B-V diagram to two of the clusters and suggest this could be due to the effects of metallicity. An attempt to include any effects this would cause to the Cepheid Period-Luminosity relation zero point has been made. The preliminary distance modulus to the LMC obtained from this work is then 18.7±0.15.
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