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Paper: A Test of Tully-Fisher Distance Estimates Using Cepheids and Type Ia Supernovae.
Volume: 167, Harmonizing Cosmic Distance Scales in a Post-Hipparcos Era
Page: 230
Authors: Shanks, T.
Abstract: We update and extend the results of Shanks (1997) by making a direct test of Tully-Fisher distance estimates to thirteen spiral galaxies with HST Cepheid distances and to ten spiral galaxies with Type Ia supernova (SNIa) distances. The results show that the Tully-Fisher distance moduli are too short with respect to the Cepheid distances by 0.46±0.11mag and too short with respect to the SNIa distances by 0.49±0.18mag. Combining the HST Cepheid and SNIa data suggests that, overall, previous Tully-Fisher distances at v~1000 kms-1 were too short by 0.43±0.09mag, a result which is significant at the 4.6σ level. These data therefore indicate that previous Tully-Fisher distances should be revised upwards by 22±5% implying, for example, a Virgo distance of 19.0±1.8Mpc. The value of H0 from Tully-Fisher estimates is correspondingly revised downwards from H0=84±10kms-1Mpc-1 to H0=69±8kms-1Mpc-1. There is evidence that the Tully-Fisher relation at large distances is affected by Malmquist bias. In this case, we argue that H0<50kms-1Mpc-1 cannot be ruled out by Tully-Fisher considerations.
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