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Paper: Distance Measurements via Surface Brightness Fluctuations in the K' Band
Volume: 167, Harmonizing Cosmic Distance Scales in a Post-Hipparcos Era
Page: 279
Authors: Mei, S.; Silva, D. R.; Quinn, P. J.
Abstract: I-band Surface Brightness Fluctuation measurements have proven to be a reliable and efficient method for determining distances of elliptical galaxies up to 3000 km/s, this being the current experimental limit on ground-based telescopes (Tonry & Schneider 1988; Jacoby et al. 1992; Tonry et al. 1997). Recent attempts to measure K-band SBF have been made with the intent to extend measurements to greater distances (Luppino & Tonry 1993; Pahre & Mould 1994; and Jensen et al. 1996, 1998, 1999). We investigate theoretical predictions on stellar population effect and external source contributions to the K-band SBF signal, within a context of application to large telescopes such as the VLT.
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