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Paper: How precisely could global topology determine distances?
Volume: 167, Harmonizing Cosmic Distance Scales in a Post-Hipparcos Era
Page: 308
Authors: Roukema, B. F.
Abstract: If we live in a Friedmann-Lemaître universe, where the values of the metric parameters, Ω0, λ0 and H0, are the same throughout a spatial section, then it may be possible to see several times around the Universe inside of the horizon diameter, particularly if the curvature is negative. This property is related to topology. A significant detection of the topology of the Universe should enable relative distances, and hence Ω0 and λ0, to be determined very precisely (to ~ 1% and ~ 10% respectively) over large fractions of the horizon scale. The only astrophysical assumption required is that observed redshifts are due to expansion in a FL universe -the distance ladder is avoided. Combination with independent measurements such as Γ≡ Ω0 h would constrain H0.
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