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Paper: The Periods of the beta Cephei star kappa Scorpii as Observed by WIRE
Volume: 310, Variable Stars in the Local Group (IAU Colloquium 193)
Page: 251
Authors: Cuypers, J.; Buzasi, D.; Uytterhoeven, K.
Abstract: The β Cephei star κ Scorpii is known to be multiperiodic from old photometric observations. A main period of 4.8 hr was detected, and from a beat period of about 7 d a secondary period of 4.9 hr was calculated. These periods were also found in recently analyzed line profile data. In two short data sets (separated by 152 d) obtained by the star camera of the satellite WIRE (Wire-field Infrared Explorer) the known main period of 4.8 hr is clearly present. The secondary period could also be confirmed, although some other periodicities are present as well. While the amplitude of the main variation is about 0.0055 mag, the amplitude of the secondary is only 0.0014 mag. Two longer periods (3.6 and 0.45 d) and a period of 4.2 hr were also found significant in the WIRE data.
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