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Paper: A Method to Test the Adequacy of a Model to Observations
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 42
Authors: Tsvetkov, Alexander
Abstract: It is well known that the Least Squares method returns the values of the parameters regardless the correspondence of the model to observations. If the model does not correspond to the data one obtains the formal values of the parameters, which have no physical sense. Nevertheless, many people use values thus obtained in their theories and practice. The proposed method based on the orthogonal representation of the equations of a model is free of this fault since it tests the consistency of the model and data. This method have been used to find out the compatibility of the standard kinematical model with the proper motions of stars in the Hipparcos catalogue. It shows that there are some difficulties with the standard model of the Galactic rotation, and, on the contrary, there is a good agreement with the model of the Sun motion.
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