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Paper: Remote Observing With Java
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 95
Authors: Shukla, Hemant; Scott, Stephen; Weaver, Simon
Abstract: We demonstrate the next generation of monitor and control software for Caltech's Millimeter Array at the Owens Valley Radio Observatory. The software is based on a client/server architecture and provides remote access for controlling, monitoring and troubleshooting the array. The client is written in Java and thus provides a Web based interface that is supported on many machine architectures and operating systems. The server software is developed in C++ and runs on a UNIX host machine. Data from the microcomputers embedded in the array are transported to the UNIX host shared memory area where they are then available to the server programs. Security algorithms are implemented to authenticate remote access for control of the array. The design of the software makes it portable to other observatories with little modification.
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