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Paper: Real-Time Linux Driving a Spectrometer
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 99
Authors: Teuben, Peter; Harris, Andrew; Isaak, Kate; Morgan, James; Zmuidzinas, Jonas
Abstract: We have been upgrading the software front-end to WASP (Wideband Autocorrelating SPectrometer, operating from 800 to 4000 MHz) from Lynx-OS to Real-Time Linux and will discuss Real-Time software aspects. We are using a standard parallel ``PIO'' card to receive data from the spectrometer and standard GPIB interfaces that drive a frequency synthesizer for bandpass calibration. WASP and its front-end computer are fully mobile and can be taken to any suitable radio telescope. The front-end is typically connected via Ethernet to the actual observing computer at the telescope. We will also discuss a typical observing setup in such a loosely coupled environment.
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