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Paper: The Scientific Uplink System for SIRTF, a Design Study
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 107
Authors: Heinrichsen, Ingolf; Hartley, Booth; Narron, Bob; Potts, Su; Turek, Gabriella; Valjavec, Emmanuel; Wu, Xiuqin
Abstract: The Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF) is one of NASA's Great Observatory missions, scheduled for launch in 2001. As such its ground segment design is driven by the requirement to provide strong support for the entire astronomical community in the form of Guaranteed Time, Legacy Program and Open Time Observers. In this contribution we present the current status of the software design of the Scientific Uplink Software for SIRTF. The astronomical observing modes of the scientific instruments on board of SIRTF are captured in the form of Astronomical Observation Templates, which will be deployed to the community as Java based WWW applications. In addition web-based tools will be provided to the observers in order to support the preparation of their mid- and far-infrared observations. These tools will allow the observer to estimate observing times, sensitivities and expected data volumes by making calls to the Interpreter and Resource Estimator Subsystem. At a later stage the same software will be used to derive the detailed command sequences needed by the SIRTF instruments to execute a given observation. All information is captured in the central Science Operations Database, which will support the entire SIRTF science operations. The fundamental need to support a large astronomical community lead to an object oriented Java and WWW based design approach for this entire up-link software system.
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