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Paper: Novel Use of a Simulator for the Calibrations of Scientific Instruments
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 119
Authors: Erd, Christian; Jansen, Fred; Brumfitt, Jon; Beijersbergen, Marco; Gondoin, Philippe; Siddiqui, Hassan; Bakker, Jorgo; Videler, Peter; Jalota, Lalit
Abstract: The XMM Science Operations Team developed a detailed simulator to describe the performance of the scientific payload on-board European Space Agency's X-Ray Mission XMM. This simulator was written in modern programming languages (C++ and F90). Its application is not limited to simulations of instrumental data, but the simulator also plays a key role in calibrating the instruments, and as such it will become an integral part of the XMM analysis system.
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