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Paper: On-The-Fly Calibration at STScI
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 187
Authors: Lubow, Stephen; Pollizzi, Joseph
Abstract: An on-the-fly calibration system (OTFC) is being developed at STScI. OTFC will allow users to retrieve data that is calibrated at STScI with the latest parameters, reference files, and software. In general, the calibration will be carried out as part of the process of satisfying the user retrieval request. OTFC will allow for a considerable savings in storage space, since calibrated data will (eventually) not be stored in the HST archive. The system allows changes to be made in calibration parameters for individual datasets through the use of a database system. It has features for handling datasets with known problems. The OTFC system must be highly reliable. The calibration processing will be managed by the OPUS system. A prototype system has been developed for WFPC2.
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